Garden Swing

Together with spring riders and slides, Moby garden swings are the ideal accessory for public parks and school playgrounds, as well as private and shared gardens.

The high-quality construction of Moby swings will grant your children years of carefree enjoyment at the maximum safety certification!

Garden Seing

Every Moby garden swing is built on an aluminium structure comprised of profiles designed specially by Mobiespans, making the swing particularly robust. The same care taken over each and every detail can be seen in the characteristics of the individual components.

Swing seats are divided into two different types.

  • Basic: comprised of an integral polyurethane structure with painted, galvanised sheet inserts, AISI304 steel arches and hot-galvanised chains with eight-millimetre cables.
  • Basket: these seats also feature an integral polyurethane structure with painted, galvanised sheet inserts. The side sections and central bars are made from PA6 nylon, the arches are made from AISI304 steel and the chain is hot-galvanised once more using an eight-millimetre cable.

The hinges are made from hot-galvanised steel and are distinguished by a central, oscillating release mechanism with nylon bushing. This release mechanism is self-lubricating and anti-noise. Nothing is left to chance, not even the noise impact of the Moby garden swing!

Moby has been strengthened by long experience in offering enjoyable and aesthetically-pleasing play equipment, able to tastefully equip public and private green spaces. This has led the company to obtain European certification EN1176 (attesting high quality and safety) for all its garden play equipment.

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