Our production

Mobiespans srl, established in 1981 is a company specialized in the production of thermoplastic and polyurethane manufactured goods. In the past few years, Moby has created within its own structure a department for the manufacturing of playground equipment and accessories to be placed in public parks and private gardens, which were conceived always considering the most important thing in the lives of children: playing. To this aim, the experience gained in the various production techniques has allowed us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Spring Riders

For the production of our Sspring riders we use only first-class materials:

  • Shape: made of bulk coloured, no toxic, high density and 100 % recyclable polyethylene PE-HD. The polyethylene is treated against UV rays and is 8 of light fastness (scale 1-8).
  • Accessories: such as hands and feet grips are entirely made of polyethylene PE-HD and their surface is non-slip to permit a safe and better grip.
  • Spring group: in tempered steel with anti-pressing system and certified by the spring disk safety anchoring system.
  • The patented "U" nylon bracket: is made of nylon in bulk colouring.
  • The ground fastening support: consists of a strong structure in hot galvanized steel.
  • All fittings: are made of stainless and galvanized steel.
  • Optional: round removable basement made of polyurethane, wood and a metal insert on the top to be fixed to the spring-disk. All products are carefully packed into cartons and all the component parts are available as spare parts.


The slides are in polyethylene, manufactured with a tubular rotation system which enables the production of elements with uniform finishing, avoiding rough or cutting surfaces. Main features are: bulk colouring, high elasticity, recyclable product.


The swings strong aluminium structure, completely designed by Mobiespans.

Moreover, Mobiespans offers two different types of SWING SEATS:

  • Flat swing seat: made of an integral Bayflex polyurethane structure, inserts are in polished galvanized painted sheet steel, AISI 304 stainless steel arches and galvanized chains with 8 mm links.
  • Barket type swing seat: consists of an integral Bayflex polyurethane structure, inserts are in polished galvanized painted sheet steel, the supporting columns are in nylon (PA6), AISI 304 stainless steel arches and hot galvanized chains with 8 mm links.

The joints to fix the swing seat chains to the swing frame are made of hot galvanized stainless steel, with central swinging unlocking, nylon lubricating and anti-noises bushings.


Mobiespans uses only first-quality and reliable materials while designing its products, which are suitable for children from 0 to 12 years of age. Ideal for public parks, kindergartens, private and public playgrounds.