Garden Slide: Entertainment that unites generations

A garden slide is something we all love.Who can forget those old metal slides that once populated public parks and the playgrounds of nurseries and schools?

Moby is now reintroducing this timeless entertainer, together with its line of spring riders and swings.

Technology is also advancing in the open air entertainment sector and with this comes the need to create play equipment that is not only fun but, above all, safe for children.For this reason, Moby has designed its garden slides keeping in mind at all times the balance between the usability of the equipment, reliability and maximum safety.

Garden slides

All Moby slides are made from moulded polyethylene using a tubular rotation system.This type of moulding is a technological process that allows hollow bodies to be produced in a single piece with no need for any welding.In this way, the resulting product has a uniform thickness and no internal strains.

The main advantage of using this technology lies in the ability to create garden slides with uniform finishing and no coarse or sharp areas.

The polyethylene used is spun-dyed and is distinguished by a high level of elasticity that ensures that it lasts over time and is also fully recyclable.  When producing garden play equipment Moby thinks of nature and of the value of teaching young children to respect the environment!

The desire to create only high-quality products has been recognised by European certification EN1176.

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