Garden games for children: safe fun!

Playing gives children an essential opportunity to meet others, socialise and grow healthily.Outdoor play is the best way to teach the value of contact with nature and take a break, at least for a few hours, from all the technology that imposes a hectic pace on our daily life.

Mobiespans has been operating for more than thirty years in the production of thermoplastic and polyurethane items. It has created the Moby brand specifically to conceive, design and produce garden play equipment for children that is enjoyable, safe and aesthetically able to furnish any green space, whether public or private.

Moby play equipment is fun because we fully recognise the importance of the equipment and we want to offer many years of carefree amusement to children aged zero to twelve.The equipment is safe because the issue of safety is always our priority:we select the best materials and impose the most rigorous tests on all our product lines.The play equipment also enhances green areas due to constant research into aesthetics, combined with a selection of colours that last over time and fully recyclable materials.

We have divided the online catalogue into three categories to make it easy for you to find children’s garden play equipment that best suits to your needs.

Spring riders.The figure and accessories (hand and foot grips) are made completely from PEHD polyethylene and are spun-dyed.The spring riders demonstrate values of absolute excellence on the wool scale, which measures the robustness of colour in relation to ultraviolet rays. The non-slip surfaces ensure a safe grip every time.

The spring unit is made from painted steel and is thoroughly tested and certified to resist stresses. The U bracket is made from spun-dyed nylon and is patented by Mobiespans.The metal components, including the floor fastening support, are all made from stainless steel and galvanised steel of maximum robustness.

Garden game for children

Slides. Made from polyethylene and built using a tubular rotation system that makes it possible to produce elements with uniform finishing and, above all, eliminate any coarse or sharp areas. The material used to make Moby slides is fully recyclable and features a high level of elasticity, increasing the duration of the product.

Swings. Mobiespans designs special aluminium profiles for the support structures to increase their robustness. Swing seats come in basic and basket versions and are equipped with an integral polyurethane structure with painted, galvanised sheet inserts, AISI304 steel arches and hot-galvanised chains with eight-millimetre cables.

Garden games

The hinges are also made from hot-galvanised steel and feature a central, oscillating release mechanism with nylon bushing. This release mechanism is self-lubricating and anti-noise.

Moby is constantly renewing its lines of garden play equipment for children so don’t forget to check the news page to keep up to date with new products at all times.

The safety of Moby’s garden play equipment for children is guaranteed by European certification EN1176 .

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