Garden play equipment

Mobiespans S.r.l. is an Italian company boasting an ambitious mission: allowing children to enjoy themselves in the open air whilst ensuring maximum safety.

To achieve this aim, Mobiespans has created the «Moby» brand; a name that, over the years, has become synonymous with high quality products. The basis for this achievement is long professional experience in the sector and a creative vision that is always attentive of users’ needs.

Moby play equipment is specifically designed for children aged 0 to 12 years, with particular care given to aesthetics, to embellish outdoor school equipment, public and private play areas and shared gardens.

Mobiespans has grouped the different lines of garden play equipment into three main categories to allow you to navigate the website quickly and immediately find the types of products suited to your needs.

Spring riders. The figure and accessories (hand and foot grips) are made from PEHD polyethylene; a high-density and fully recyclable material. The surfaces are non-slip to ensure a safe grip every time and are treated against ultraviolet rays to ensure that the colours last over time. The spring unit, metal parts and floor fastening supports are made from steel. The components are robust and all tested and certified. A nylon U bracket, patented by Mobiespans, is supplied together with spring riders.

Garden Play

Slides. Slides are made from polyethylene and are manufactured using a tubular rotation system. This makes it possible to produce elements with absolutely uniform finishing, with no coarse or sharp areas. Moby slides are spun-dyed and are distinguished by a high level of elasticity that ensures that they last over time and that the material used is fully recyclable.

Garden Slides

Swings. Moby swings are highly robust due to the use of aluminium profiles that Mobiespans specifically designs to ensure that the product is of a high quality. Seats are available in both basic and basket versions. Both models are made from integral polyurethane with painted, galvanised sheet inserts. Chains are hot-galvanised with an eight-millimetre cable that provides a high degree of resistance against stresses. The hinges are also made from hot-galvanised steel and feature a central, oscillating release mechanism with nylon bushing. This release mechanism is self-lubricating and anti-noise.

Garden play equipment

In addition to these three main categories of garden play equipment, Moby is always in search of new products to entertain children in complete safety. Refer to the news page to keep up to date with the latest lines of play equipment at all times.

Mobiespans uses only material of proven quality, able to maintain complete reliability over time, and puts all of its products through the most rigorous international test standards for quality and safety. All Moby play equipment has attained European certification EN1176. The safety of children is always at the top of our priority list!

Contact with customers is direct: this is the only way that Mobiespans is able to offer immediate and transparent collaboration to meet any requirement.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions about the various lines of Moby garden play equipment. Our staff will be available to help you immediately.