Spring Riders and Playground Equipments

Mobiespans is specialized in the production of outdoor spring riders and it always pays attention to the children’s safety.

All Mobiespans products, spring riders playgrounds equipment and accessories for public and private parks are are certificated by EN 1176, thanks to our care and work.

Visit our website and, please, don’t hesitate to contact us to number 0422 856090 to talk to our operator, who can help you to chose one of Mobiespans product.

New products

cod.H150 cod.H150

Polyethylene slide mod. H150 - Tubolar rotation system

cod.H100 cod.H100

Polyethylene slide mod. H100 - Tubolar rotation system

84 84

Plastic Pole Cover - Round d.mm.120

83 83

Plastic Pole cover - square mm.90x90