The ability to play outdoors is essential for our children. Creating play areas in green spaces, whether a park or a garden, means creating places in which our children can have the opportunity to socialise outside of school and other structured activities. The correct space dedicated to amusement is essential in forming the individual but this must also be healthy and safe amusement.

For this reason, Moby has created a line of outdoor spring riders, designed to furnish green spaces and last over time, with a constant focus on safety during play.

Together with the slides and swings, Moby’s spring riders are easy to install and immediately ready to guarantee years of carefree play.

spring rider

Let us discover together the characteristics of these products that have made the Moby brand a benchmark in the sector. Constant research of the best quality materials has led to a special design that involves various components, with a particular focus on ecology.

The figure is entirely made from  PEHD polyethylene. This material is spun-dyed and boasts a high density as well as being fully recyclable.  The polyethylene is also treated against ultraviolet rays, allowing it to resist light to a value of 8 on the wool scale. This measurement system involves exposing the painted product to sunlight (Sun Test) and comparing it with eight standard samples of coloured wool from which the eight light-resistance values derive. A value of eight therefore indicates an excellent result.

The accessories, that is, the hand and foot grips, are made from PEHD polyethylene, as is the figure. The surface of the grips features a special anti-slip finishing to ensure that children always grip the rider safely when playing.


The spring unit is made from painted steel. As this is a key element of the product, Moby performs rigorous physical tests to certify its reliability.

The U bracket is derived from research carried out by Mobiespans and is patented. This element is created using PA6 nylon and is then spun-dyed.

The floor fastening support is made from a robust, steel frame, the manufacture of which involves a hot-galvanisation process.

The metalware, in other words all of the metal components, is made from stainless steel and galvanised steel.

An optional removable, polyurethane base is also available. This is a circular base with a metal insert that is fastened to the spring-disk.

Each product is delivered suitably packaged in special cardboard boxes and all of the components listed above are also available as individual spare parts.

Explore our online catalogue to find the spring riders that you like the most and that are best suited to your requirements. Don’t forget to check the news section to keep up to date on the latest Moby product lines at all times.

Remember that all Moby spring riders have achieved European certification EN1176 that ensures the high quality of Mobiespans’s work.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.